Boyoz is a pastry, associated with Smyrna (old name of the Izmir) Turkey, which is practically the only city where it is prepared and follows the delicious original recipe described by Master Avram. Master Avram makes boyoz irreplaceable for people of Izmir.

Boyoz paste is a mixture of flour, sunflower oil and a small addition of tahini. It is kneaded by hand and the ball of paste is left to repose for 2 hours. The treatment performed through this process and the ingredients supplied by the same producers without change through the years ensure the unparalleled flavour of Boyoz. The tahini used in the dough not only increases the nutrient value of Boyoz, but helps the dough to rise in layers and digestion. In the eyes of Smyrnian, boyoz acquired the dimension of a symbol of their hometown or of their longing for it when away. Boyoz is essential part of breakfast and snack for every hour of the day, ideal match for coffee or tea.